The Deposit, Legal Things, An Unspoken Agreement & More

Hello! Thank you for your interest in owning an original piece of art!

As you know, most of my artwork comes in print form, but they all started out as an original painting. Some are made from acrylic on canvas. Others are watercolor on paper. Both are outlined with sharpies.

The original Batty is acrylic and sharpie on a 6″x12″ canvas. Acrylic is the premium choice but it’s a much slower process. I have to be at home in my studio and lately I’ve been traveling! This makes it tricky if you want something right away. These things take time.. but we can figure it out!

Watercolor on paper on the other hand is a much quicker medium which makes for the economical option.

I use a Japanese water-brush and a Windsor & Newton watercolor travel kit. The colors are intense but can also be very subtle. The abengers original is an 8.5″x11″ watercolor on arches hot press. Then lined with sharpie and prismacolor. Watercolor’s are fun and easy to travel with so I’m much more efficient.


So You Got an Idea?

Awesome! What would you like? How much will you want to spend?

I will let you know what I can do and send you a rough draft. Hopefully, you like it enough to send me a 50% deposit. That's when the magic begins! I can send updates and everything if you'd like, but most people like to be surprised. Then I show you the finished art, and we finalize payment and shipping.

Now I should mention some annoying legal things.

Sometimes the ideas from commissions are a perfect addition to my line-up of prints. There is an unspoken agreement between me and the owner of the commission that I might offer copies of the artwork to other fans. This has been widely accepted by buyers who are thrilled to hold the original. I prefer working with buyers in this way because it's just easier, and I can keep sharing the art. I won't bother getting into making business deals on commissions. That would require contracts. Also, I need to mention here that legally, I have full rights to the artwork. I just don't own the actual painting. It's weird. Art is hard. Don't even get me started on the phrase "transformative parody."

If you are interested in owning a piece of Super Emo History, please message me!